[Central Anime] Initial D Fifth Stage – 04 DVD

Initial D Fifth Stage episode 04 DVD Synopsis

“Revenge Battle of Fate”

Kanagawa’s Second Line will be against RT Katagiri, where Takumi encounters Kai Kogashiwa: a former rival from Irohazaka; graduated from street racing and now a professional racer with his MR-S. However, Takumi is starting to show a “Zone” that had evolved from the Purple Shadow races, a zone that even Ryosuke cannot explain. The winner of this race is up in the air.


central anime initial d fifth stage 04 dvd

Initial D Fifth Stage episode 04

File Info

Source: DVD
Video: x264 10-bit 576p @CRF22
Audio: HE-AAC
Subtitle: English, OP & ED (Sage) Main Episode (Central Anime restyled by Bex39)
Chapter: Yes (Ordered)
Size: ~80mb
Encoder: Bex39

Initial D Fifth Stage Download Link

Episode 04
576p (EmbedUpload)

Note: Don’t forget to download OP & ED and place it in the same folder, because the episode in Ordered Chapter.

Password TinyPaste: bex39

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