[Coalgirls] Sword Art Online – 25 (END) BD

Sword Art Online (SAO) episode 25 Synopsis

“The World Seed”
“Sekai no Shushi” (世界の種子)

Rushing to the hospital Kazuto is attacked by an injured Sugou with a knife at the parking area. Kazuto manages to disarm him, and after considering everything Sugou has done, Kazuto spares his life. Kazuto finally meets with Asuna where they have a tearful reunion. On May 16, 2025, Kazuto and Asuna have returned to school, attending a special school for students who were trapped in SAO. As they have lunch, Kazuto reveals Sugou was arrested by the police after their fight and the crimes he committed were exposed by one of his employees. The 300 players that were trapped by Sugou were freed but his experiments shocked the public. Due to the scandal, Asuna’s father and his higher ups resigned and shut down Alfheim Online with other VRMMORPG following suit. Later, Asuna, Kazuto and Suguha heads to Agil’s bar along with Liz, Silica, Yoruko, Kains, Sasha, Yulier, Thinker, Klein and his guild where they have a party to celebrate Kazuto for freeing them from SAO. Kazuto gives Agil “The Seed” to be analyzed which is revealed to be a VRMMORPG program that allows anyone with a server to create their own VRMMORPG and transfer players to other VRMMORPG easily. “The Seed” is uploaded to the internet which revives the VRMMORPG genre. Later that night in Alfheim Online, now run by a new company, Kirito meets up with Leafa where they share a dance in the sky. Leafa decides to leave since she feels she cannot keep up with her brother but Kirito reveals his character stats have been reset. As a surprise, the floating castle Aincard from SAO has been brought into Alfheim Online which Kirito intends to finish clearing all 100 floors. With their friends from SAO and Alfheim Online flying towards the castle, Leafa, Kirito, Asuna and Yui join them.


coalgirls sword art online sao 25 bd english sub,asuna

Sword Art Online (SAO) episode 25 BD – The World Seed

File Info

Source/Group: BDrip Coalgirls
Subtitle: EveTaku & UTWoots Modified, Softsubbed
Language: English
Video: x264 10-bit 720p @CRF23
Audio: HE-AAC
Chapter: Yes
Size: ~120mb
Encoder: Bex39

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Episode 25
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