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dctp-ml detective conan 345

“Head-to-Head Match with the Black Organization: A Dual Mystery on a Full Moon Night.”
“Kuro no Soshiki to Makkou Shoubu Mangetsu no Yoru no Nigen Misuterii”

Kogoro receives an invitation to a Halloween cruise; the Halloween cruise is famous for hiring guests to star in a horror film. Conan receives the same invitation from Vermouth; the invitation however is addressed to Conan Edogawa and Shinichi Kudo, meaning Vermouth knows his true identity. During the cruise, the party members are divided into groups with team devil consisting of Kogoro, Sonoko, and people disguised as a werewolf, a mummy, a medusa and an invisible man. During the party, the host is shot by a crossbow, attached to the arrow is a card from team devil. The Mummy is the prime suspect since his lacks an alibi and his card is missing.

The invisible man gathers the party guests to the bow of the boat and reveals his identity as Shinichi and declares werewolf as the murderer. He reveals that the werewolf placed his mask on the Mummy to establish his own alibi evidenced when the Werewolf come out of the Mummy’s bathroom stall. To support this, Shinichi points to the fact that the Werewolf claimed he was busy concentrating on staying in character so he could be hired to star in the movie, yet he was drinking a dry Martini, also known as a silver bullet and thus disproves his lie. As evidence, Shinichi reveals that there was glass shards on the balcony where the host was killed and that there should be glass shards between the soles of the Werewolf’s shoes. The Werewolf confesses and reveals that Vermouth held his family hostage and blackmailed him to murder the host. Elsewhere, Haibara is picked up by Jodie while they are followed by Tomoaki Araide.
Jodie confronts Araide at the pier who reveals that it is Vermouth in disguise. Back at the party, Shinichi is revealed to be Heiji in disguise; This was done to distract Vermouth from noticing Conan’s absence. Haibara is revealed to be Conan in disguise and attempts to subdue Vermouth. However, the real Haibara arrives at the pier and is narrowly saved from death by Ran’s timely appearance. Shuichi Akai’s appearance prompts Vermouth to take Conan hostage and flee the scene. Conan reveals to Vermouth he has a covert listening device on him that will send everything that was said to the authorities in the event of his death. Vermouth exhales a sleeping gas on Conan and tells him she will postpone her plan on murdering Haibara for now. Conan awakens to find out the device has been destroyed and no evidence of the Black Organization remain.Summary:

  • Vermouth was disguised as Tomoaki Araide.
  • Vodka was disguised as Zombie.
  • Conan was disguised as Ai Haibara.
  • Heiji Hattori was disguised as Shinichi Kudo underneath the Invisible Man costume.
  • Yukiko Kudo was disguised as Medusa.
  • The murderer which Shinichi Kudo and Ran Mouri encountered in New York was actually Chris Vineyard.
  • The given codename for Vermouth in the FBI was “Rotten Apple”.
  • Shuichi Akai was previously considered by Vermouth as the Black Organization’s “Silver Bullet”, but from the end of this episode onwards (even up to Movie 13: The Raven Chaser) she finally thought the organization’s real downfall would be Shinichi Kudo.

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Fansub: DCTP & The Moonlighters
Video: x264 8-bit 480p @CRF22
Audio: HE-AAC
Subtitle: English (Hardsubbed)
Chapter: Yes
Size: 267mb
Encoder: Bex39

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