How to rip subtitle from WeTV?

Ripping subtitle from WeTV is easy, let me show you how to do it.

  1. Open WeTV website via browser. wetv
  2. Open Developer tools (Chrome : ctrl+shift+i or F12), at Network tab, fill filter field with “srt?” (without “”).wetv
  3. Open drama episode you want to rip the subtitle, then wait until video play.wetv,rip,subtitle
  4. Select subtitle from the list. wetv,subtitle,rip
  5. To download subtitle, you can right click then open in new tab. wetv,subtitle,rip If you want to know the download link for the subtitle go to Headers tab, you can see the Request URL.
    Download link -><<uniqueKey>

This tutorial doesn’t work on VIP videos because it can only be opened via WeTV Mobile App + VIP accounts. Even you logged in your VIP Account via browser, you can’t play the VIP videos, thus you can’t rip the subtitle. wetv,subtitle,rip,vip

But don’t worry, I found a way to rip WeTV subtitle from mobile phone. All you need is mobile phone of course (I’m using android), WeTV App, Packet Capture (for iOS you can use similar app), and Web Browser. wetv,subtitle,rip,vip,episode

  1. Open WeTV App and Packet Capture and hook the WeTV app at Packet Capture. (I’m using split screen to make easier for writing this tutorial). wetv,subtitle,rip,vip,episodewetv,subtitle,rip,vip,episode
  2. Select drama episode (VIP episode need VIP account), at Packet Capture tap the capture result. wetv,subtitle,rip,vip,episode Packet Capture can’t filter the result like in earlier tutorial using Chrome, so you must check one-by-one, the hint is subtitle size is around 30-60KB. wetv,subtitle,rip,vip,episodewetv,subtitle,rip,vip,episode

    Download link -><<uniqueKey>

  3. Open web browser, copy-paste URI from packet capture. wetv,subtitle,rip,vip,episodewetv,subtitle,rip,vip,episode

That’s how I rip subtitle from WeTV, any question or suggestion please post on comment section.. =)